This wikispace is an online collaboration project created on November 2009 by graduate students of TED 574 at The College of Saint Rose, NY. It was built to help teach elementary and middle school students, parents and school administration the value of formal keyboarding instruction.

Webquest Cast of Characters:

Parent Liason: Jennifer
Faculty Chairperson: Kimberly B.
Research and Evaluation Specialist: Cheska L.
Graphic Artist and Publisher: Rebecca P.
Curriculum Designer: Jeff S., Elena K.
HR Liason and Instructional Specialist: Shannon
Computer Lab Tech Specialist: Kimberly F.
Policy and Procedures Specialist: Shelly

Groucalendareventspic.gifp Meeting Dates:
DimDim Conference: November 12th
Pronto Meeting Room: November 15th 9am
Pronto Meeting Room: November 18th 9:30pm
Today's Meet Chatroom: November 24th 9:00pm
Pronto Meeting Room: November 29th 9:00pm