Curriculum Design


Objectives / Outline: (5th - 8
th gr); 2nd semester of school yr (Jan. - June);
(Formal instruction for keyboarding beginning at 5th grade)

  • Students will participate in class instruction for keyboarding 3xs/per wk (at least 30 min sessions)
  • Student will demonstrate ability of keyboarding by participating in a pre-assessment to determine what base line knowledge the student may have of keyboarding
  • Student will demonstrate the correct method of touch typing vs the hunt & peck method
  • Teacher will develop / enhance lessons that correspond with students' ability; while there may be a vast scale of ability, online practice websites for individual diagnostic and evaluation will assist with progress
  • Student will demonstrate the ability to stay on task (motivation & persistence)
  • Student will demonstrate progress and motivation of staying on task by utilizing 1 hour of free computer time per week; time will be used for practicing keyboard techniques / playing games relevant to the current lessons (Keyboarding Software)
  • Teacher will evaluate students' progress while monitoring technique, accuracy, & attitude by planning the use of online periodic assessments
    • Teacher will monitor the amount of 'fun' time built into each lesson; motivation is a key element in to ensure students remain on task
    • A plan of at least 2 assessments during the semester is recommended, not including the pre and post evaluations
  • Teacher will adhere to assessment (diagnostic, formative, summative) when developing evaluations for students
  • Teacher will demonstrate the use of a reward system by utilizing software for certificates and/or prize box to encourage motivation towards keyboarding


  • Student will demonstrate ability to identify letters on the keyboard by locating and discussing the 'home row'
  • Student will demonstrate the understanding of proper posture
  • Student will learn proper hand position and technique for solid typing skills
  • Student will demonstrate the ability of memorization by utilizing keyboard for timing & accuracy; individual evaluations to be utilized via the online tools provided (computer lab teacher's survival guide)


  • NETS (Bibliography.doc) computer_lab.jpg
  • SWDAT achieve (30) correctly spelled wpm
  • SWDAT will understand basic structure (indenting, spacing, punctuation)
  • SWDAT set up a basic page for printing (margins, tabs, sizing)

Enhancements / Resources:

  • Discussion why keyboard is not in alpha order
  • Resources (weblinks.DOC)
  • Discussion of good posture, hand position; what medical conditions might occur if not followed
  • Discussion of dos / don'ts; NO food or beverages near computer