To meet the increasing needs of technology literacy and keyboarding skills, an Instructional Specialist position will be created to help foster the growth and maturation of the keyboarding curriculum throughout the district.

Job Description (Instructional Specialist)
The district Instructional Specialist will be responsible for researching both the theory and implementation of proper techniques of teaching keyboarding in a K-12 setting. Special emphasis will be placed on elementary skill-building and emerging technologies for students with disabilities. The instructional specialist will proactively communicate strategies, techniques, and activities throughout the district. The instructional specialist will collaborate with district teachers and technology staff to properly integrate keyboarding into cross-content curriculum.
  • Knowledge of proper keyboarding techniques and skills
  • Basic computing skills
  • Communication skills

Experience & Qualifications:
  • NYS Teacher Certification, elementary education preferred
  • Previous experience with computer and/or technology related fields

Instructional Strategies Handout

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