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Title screen
Main menu
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The map of Bikini Bottom also allows to change difficulty level, quit, or access other options such as viewing students' standing in the tournament.

SpongeBob Typing karaoke

An encouragement screen when you finish a mini-game.

Snail's Pace Race, easy level

And the race after you have progressed some. But...isn't this a kids game? Who snuck that word in?

Dressing Patrick, and he really needs it, too...

One of the silly costumes you can make for Patrick.

Typing and driving!

Another encouragement screen. Needless to say, someone else was typing!

Inside Patrick's head, tracking down his senses.

Cut-scene - Bob fears he is about to get his behind kicked by his next opponent, so he has devised a plan...

...steel-plated pants!

The lesson chart, showing how far we've come.

A tournament quiz

One opponent's unfairly souped-up typewriter!

SpongeBob making sure that YOU are sure...