Keyboarding Rationale & Evaluation SamplesR

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Rationale Questions CLIPART_OF_10926_SM_2-300x300.jpgOutline

  1. What are digital natives?
  2. What is keyboarding and what are its levels of skill?
  3. When and why should keyboarding be taught?
  4. What should be taught in keyboarding and who should teach it?
  5. What are the signs of student keyboarding success and how long should keyboarding be taught?
  6. What are the important factors for a successful keyboarding program?
  7. What criteria should be assessed and evaluated?
  8. What types of evaluation tools exist?
  9. Examples, links and references

Breakdown of specific assessment and evaluation examples

First Week
· Student surveys and questionnaires (inventory, types of technology use, student attitudes, student goals)
· Introduction to Keyboarding
· Keyboarding timed pre-tests for prior knowledge and skills
Body of Program
· Daily keyboarding lesson & activity reports
· Daily student logs/journal entries
· Technique Guide Checklist
· Teacher/student rating scales
· Weekly timed typing activities
· Weekly progress charts
· Products – letters, brochures, newsletters, digital storybooks, etc
End of Program
· Selected response test on procedural knowledge and characteristics of quality keyboarding
· Timed post-tests on typing rates
· Compare pretests and posttest results
· Student-created portfolios
· Student-led portfolio exhibitions/showcases


Online examples of assessment and evaluation tools


Checklists, Rubrics and Scales

· Research Instruments for Evaluating Attitudes Towards Technology

· Online Typing Test by Levels

· Calculate Speed Typing Test

· Free Timed Keyboarding Tests in Minute Intervals
· Online Good Keyboarding Techniques Checklist

· Technique Checklist for Observations/Performance

· Student Rating Scales on Keyboarding Skills

· Examples of Self-Rubrics on Keyboarding and Word Processing



· Journal Entry Template for Assessing Student Disposition
· Spreadsheet Template for Student Log on Products

· Examples of Interdisciplinary Assignment Ideas for Portfolio