Strike-Up Keyboarding with SpongeBob

(Sample lesson)Grades: 5th – 8th

Intro/Anticipatory Set: teacher to share motivational activity to set tone of the lesson
("SpongeBob wants to explain to Patrick the importance of keyboarding"etc)

Keyboarding Technique:
  • PowerPoint slide show presentation (CD computer lab Teacher's Guide: Unit 3)spongebob1.jpg
  • Keyboard color scheme (keyboard_color scheme.DOC)
  • Utilize Smart Board (online keyboarding websites)

Practice (check for understanding):
  • Teacher will check comprehension by questioning students specifically
  • Utilizing SpongeBob software; student will demonstrate understanding of ‘home row’ by completing lesson 1
  • Student will practice ‘home row’ by playing any of the five games listed in lesson
  • Utilizing digital camera, teacher take picts of students during classroom practice / drills

  • Take home quiz #1 (assessment for lesson.DOC)
  • Class discussion by choosing websites like or dislike (use the links from class presentation Unit 3)

  • Summary from teacher; share individual growth with each student using wpm record
  • Take pictures from classroom practice…upload to Animoto to share with class (Animoto)
  • Utilizing certificates, share congratulations to students’ success (Unit 3)
  • Special needs students will be allowed to refer to any resources that the teacher may provide