Keyboarding Webquest

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Questions to Answer:
  1. Research what experts believe regarding formal keyboarding instruction: what grade levels (ages) are most developmentally appropriate?
  2. What is the pedagogy?
  3. What skills should a keyboarding instructor have?
  4. What are the best instructional strategies?
  5. What can parents do to reinforce their children’s skills?
  6. What impact will this new course have upon our school’s schedule and use of computer lab? How can we best schedule the course?
  7. How will we determine whether the course is successful? What will we use to evaluate the course as well as the students’ mastery of the keyboard?
  8. What lies ahead? Will we be teaching keyboarding for the foreseeable future or are there emerging technologies that will someday replace the keyboard?
  9. What will be the role and the responsibilities for our content area teachers?
  10. How will we work with students new to the school who are not tech literate?

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